Thursday, October 23, 2008

Popcorn day, Grandparent's day.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today is Popcorn day at Cedar Valley. I have already been told like 100 times by Lillie that I need to buy a popcorn ticket for her and Hansen. The tickets cost a quarter, They are small and yellow in color. Lillie likes to hold the ticket in the air, skip around and sing "I have a golden ticket." Any Charlie and Chocolate Factory book/movie lovers know the ticket she is referring to. Hansen does not really like popcorn, but he has to buy it anyhow. I usually get to eat half of his popcorn on the walk home from school.

Yesterday was Hansen's Grandparent Day. John came to CV be with Hansen and they had a nice time. John had nothing but praise for Hansen's teacher, and Hansen agrees. Today is the last Grandparent's day at CV. I have been helping with running to get kids and having folks go to the correct place and such. I think Grandparent's week has gone over nicely.

Tonight is Hansen's choir class, the rest of us are off the hook (except for Hansen's driver).

See you tomorrow.

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Emily said...

wow, popcorn for cheaper than a Wonka bar...hang onto those CV yellow tickets!