Friday, October 24, 2008

Our schedule.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Check out our crazy schedule for this weekend:

-All three kids have school as usual, Preston's class has a field trip to plant rose bushes.
-Maren teaches a class for a conference in Tacoma, she will not be home until around 7:00pm.
-CV has its Carnival tonight.
-GL has a Boo Bash tonight, same time as the carnival.
-A classmate of Lillie has invited her to a Halloween party, same time as the carnival.
What will we do? We will (not Maren, she will be working) go to CV's carnival, then check out the Halloween party. The Boo Bash is out.

-Camden has a birthday party at the Bouncy Place. Maren and Lillie will attend.
-Hansen has his last soccer game.
-Preston has a soccer game.
-We postponed Lillie's sleepover so we could go to Fright Night at Wild Waves. Lillie did not want to miss Fright Night, but I will probably have to carry her the whole night and tell her the spooky things are not least I hope they are not! We will all go to Preston's soccer game, then go out for a quick dinner, then over to Fright Night...hopefully we will not loose our dinner! Preston and Maren will be on a roller coaster adventure.

-Trick or Treat at the Waterfront. Yup, our annual trip to the Seattle Waterfront for trick or treating and checking out the Aquarium. It is a very fun day, but exhausting none the less.

Hmm, actually after writing it all out, this weekend does not seem too busy. Oh, but we will be trying to fit in chores during free moments, Preston will begging to go to the golf course, Hansen will be begging to go to Fred Meyers with more crazy begging for advances on his allowance, Ali will knock on our door 316 times to see if Lillie can play...Ali will get a NO! answer by a snippy Lillie 314 times, and as the weekend winds down, Lillie will be so exhausted that she will sleep the entire ride home in the car on Sunday even though she has not taken a single nap since she was 9 months old.

See you tomorrow.

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