Saturday, October 18, 2008

One month on the job.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Maren said to me, "Well, you have been working at CV for exactly a month, how is it going?" My first answer was something like, "Really? Exactly a month? How do you ever remember these things?" She just shrugs as if she just knows and the kids kind of think that maybe she does! In fact, Preston only asks his mom for homework help these days. I guess he knows when to use caps and periods, he spells better than I do, he knows all his times tables, and he seems to think I can't be a help when trying to figure out crazy logic problems like: Show how to make four different people arrive at the same time while using four different modes of transportation which all go at different rates and there are crazy rules as to who can use what and long they can wait at certain places and goofy stuff like that. Well, he may be right on that one, but at least I am still the one to come to on all stuff artisitic and sporty. Good thing I can still help Hansen and Lilllie on their homework, for now.

This is a bit of a tangent, but a funny story about Preston, Maren, Me, and being brainy or something. The other night a parent of a girl in Preston's class (who we have known since kindergarten) called me to ask if she could use me as an emergency contact with the school. Of course she could, and we will use her as well, but when Preston started asking why she called and wanted to talk to me, I decided to tease him just a bit. I told him that she was calling to make sure the wedding was still on. Preston was like "huh?" I told him that when he and his friend were born, us parents got together and had them betrothed. They were to be married directly after high school. Preston looked at me and Maren for a second, then he said to Maren, "Is that how you ended up married to him?" if it was not arranged, Maren would never have given me the time of day! Ouch, Preston kind of burned me. Good for him.

Back to the original question. Yes I do enjoy my job after a month. I have figured out when I really put in extra work, and when I don't. I am learning how to control a class room and not have it [the class] control me. I enjoy having kids figure something out, and enjoy that they figured it out. I like it enough to where I am already thinking about taking the required classes to get my teaching certification. I have heard that since I already have a BA degree, and am working as a paraeducator, I may not have to take too crazy many classes and may be able to substitute my work for student teaching. I will look into that further in the future, but for now, my hours and my job are perfect.

Today both boys have soccer games, Preston is getting ready for his now.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I had to read that one aloud to Chuck and Rora. Tooo funny, Preston!

Melanie Ostergard said...

Love Preston's sense of humor. That was funny!!