Monday, October 13, 2008

Nice weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We had a very nice weekend around here. Saturday evening Preston and a few other kids from GL and a couple of other schools had a Jazz concert with their teacher. Below are the four from GL. From the left are Nick, Preston, Ali, and Ashley. I think. Preston can correct me later. The room was dark and my camera is not so good. I took video, that I could post later, but it is dark as well. The kids did a great job, as did their teacher. All of us five were there along with John and Carol. We met a few really neat people and had a very nice evening.

Yesterday was my brother Eric's birthday. I have not seen him much lately, but on Saturday I went over to his house while Preston was playing a soccer game. Eric was not there, so I left a birthday card on his door. Last night Eric called me to wish himself a happy birthday. Unfortunately I did not get to the phone in time to actually talk to him, but he left a nice message on my machine.

Hansen played a very good soccer game himself this weekend. He is truly a defender...and a darn good defender. Neither of the boy's teams won their games, but the games were close.

Yesterday while I taught a couple of golf lessons, I let Preston go golfing. He started his round alone as the tee was empty, then caught up with a couple of older guys who were happy to have him join them. Sounds like he handles himself just fine on the golf course.

Back to school and work today. Maren works late, the rest of us just normal. I have to hurry along and wake everyone up and stuff. See you tomorrow.

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Kelly said...

Nice picture! None of my photos turned out...time to buy a new camera perhaps? :) Fun night!

I read a few of your older posts and it looks like congratulations are in order for your new job! That is great that you are at the same school as your kids.