Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night we went to McDonald's for the first time in like a month, and their ice-cream machine was broken! Hansen and Lillie ordered Happy Meals, the rest of us had cheeseburgers. Maren found a 2 for 1 iced coffee coupon that she and Hansen gladly used. Once Preston was done with his food, he decided it was time to torment his sister just a little and sneak her fries. She let out a very sharp and very loud "NO!", and whacked his hand. Preston decided that was somehow fun, so he did it again, to the same result. The funny thing was that an a few elderly folks a few tables away were watching the excitement, and smiled at the kids. Preston smiled and waved back, then very slowly slid down in his seat and out of sight. Nothing like a little public humiliation.

Today is picture day at the schools. It will be curious to see if the kids are looking as sharp at picture time as they will be when they leave the house in the morning. I think I even get my picture taken today, yikes.

See you tomorrow.

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