Thursday, October 02, 2008

I will never clean our shower again!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I will never clean our shower again! If you ask Maren, the few times I have cleaned the shower really don't even count, so let me rephrase. Maren will never clean our shower again! This morning I installed a little automatic shower cleaner that hangs from the shower head and after showering, you press the button, get out of the shower and have it closed within 15 seconds (or you get a deep mildew cleaning rather than the shower) and the little cleaner goes to work. By weeks end, we will have a very clean shower! I tried it this morning and it is kind of cool. It sounds like a little James Bond thing. You press the button and get out. Then the thing beeps continuously for 15 seconds, then the little motor sprays the shower with cleaner. We will see if it actually changes our lives! The one are that it did change our lives is in our storage of everything in the shower. This thing only works if the spray actually hits the shower, so all the extra stuff must go. Maren and I now have our own personal little shower caddies. They are rather cute, and Maren says it reminds her of College Dorm days when you would have to take all your shower stuff in a little caddie to the showers dedicated to all the occupants of the entire floor. If I think about it, I will let you know if the shower is actually sparkling clean after 7-10 days like the TV commercial promises.

Today is back to school and work. Tonight is children's choir at the church. Hansen said he wants to join the choir this year so we will see if he actually wants to go when the time comes.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of getting one of those shower cleaners for a long time, but I never have. Please let us know if it really works - if it does, on your recommendation, I will buy one. I hope "I will never clean our shower again!"