Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, picture.

Happy Halloween!

A most anticipated holiday for many a kid. Parties and craziness at school, bags of candy at home. How could it get any sweeter? I don't go to my regular classes on Friday for planning, and as I left one second grade class yesterday, the class said bye to me, I said bye, and have a good party tomorrow. The teacher told me later that it took her a few minutes to get the kids back to reality after the mention of the "P"-word. I guess I still have to learn what I can and can't say in a classroom?

I don't know if the kids will change their costumes from what they had at the waterfront, and it looks like it may rain, but there will be tons of fun, sorting of candy, trading of candy, and eating of candy.

A couple of weeks ago we had family pictures at Mel and Court's house. Mel has posted some of the photos on her blog. We will be getting our own disk one of these days, but I lifted this one from Mel's website. It was actually the last picture taken. We were crossing the street back to the cars and the photographer had us get in order. There are of course plenty of great photos of our family and everyone, this one turned out fun:

From L to R: John (holding Jack), Carol, Preston, Stef, Maren, Julian (holding Avery), Hansen, Courtney, Melanie, and leading the way is Lillie.

Have a fun Halloween.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

That is a wonderful photo!!! Like the Slane/Ostergard Abbey Road cover. Thanks & happy halloween. Love, Susanna

Grandma Slane said...

What a great picture! As soon as I saw it I thought of the Beatles cover, too. Preston is getting so tall, Lillie is doing an excellent job of leading the way, and everyone looks great.