Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hansen's soccer banquet

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night was Hansen's soccer banquet. The coach had very nice things to say about each kid on the team and everyone had a very nice banquet. Hansen really enjoyed playing soccer this season and I am sure he will want to play again in both the spring and the fall. The picture below is taken at Godfather's pizza. Hansen received a medal and a certificate. If you notice the gumball machines in the background. I figure between these, the other set, and the arcade, Godfather's may do just fine on those machines alone. I have never seen so many kids begging for "just one more dollar" as all the kids, mine included that were at the least not since the last banquet. Way to go Hansen on your good soccer season.

Tonight should be a calm night around the house. Since Preston has started Volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, he will not be attending Wednesday late night soccer practice. That means that once he is done with his homework he will probably be out on his skateboard trying to prefect a toe flip or a kick flip or some other cool trick. His next purchase will probably be a portable grind bar that he can keep next to the house. Hansen and Preston were out in the garage (until just late enough to get on my nerves last night) doing skateboard tricks.

See you tomorrow.

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