Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hansen's last soccer practice, a lesson on credit.

Good morning it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was Hansen's last soccer practice of the season. He was very excited because he won a Sharks and Minnows marathon game and got a pack of M&M's for reward. The weather was very nice and we invited Allison to come along to play on the playground with Lillie. Preston also came and played soccer in a pick-up game that always happens with a few of the kids from an older team practicing after Hansen's practice. The second team is trying to get Preston to play in an indoor league with them. We will see.

Last night the news was on and Hansen was watching a snip about the credit crisis. He turned to me and said. "See the news dad? This is exactly why you should be giving us advances on our allowance whenever we teach us about credit." I just rolled my eyes and said, "no Hansen, that is exactly why I don't give you advances on your allowance and make sure you know how to only spend the money you have." I told him once he could master the "only spend the money he has" concept for a bunch of years, then I might do the whole advance thing once in a while. Very clever Hansen. He is just dying to get to Fred Meyers and make his three dollars stretch to about twenty dollars in hope for new Yugioh Cards and GI Joe guys.

Today is Grandparent's day for Hansen, Lillie has ballet class, and Preston has soccer practice.

See you tomorrow.

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