Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Haircuts, dentist.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night both Lillie and Hansen got haircuts. I tried to make appointments at Hair Masters, but they said they were too busy. So we went to Great Clips. We had practically no wait, and the maybe the best haircuts that Lillie and Hansen have ever had. They even got lollipops afterwards. Very glad we went to Great Clips. There was a kid at Great Clips with his dad and older brother who kept looking at me. I figured he must be in one of the classes I help in, but I don't know all the kids yet, mainly the ones I spend the most time with. Sure enough he came up and asked if I worked at CV and stuff. I just told him that I liked his teacher and had fun working at CV. I always thought I was recognized a ton of people just from working at the golf course and growing up in the area, now there is a whole new group of people for me to know in the neighborhood.

Maren is sitting in the dentist chair as I type. She got up super early to go to the dentist. It has been a while, and she does not really find the dentist office to be a mini paradise. It is a good thing she programed her car for auto pilot straight to the dentist's office, because if she was actually driving the car, she would turn away on some side street and just keep driving. I can picture the phone call, "Uh, I got lost on my way to the dentist, and the big sign I just drove under reads Welcome to Canada."

See you tomorrow.


mycornerwindow said...

Happy 1-Year Blog-iversary, Julian! You have created such a great blog for all of us to enjoy.
Love ya, M

Julian's Blog said...

Thanks Maren!

Melanie Ostergard said...

It's only been 1 year? It seems like longer than that. Congratulations. It's been great. I really enjoy reading it and keeping up to date on what you and the kids are up to.