Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grandparent's day, library.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was grandparent's day in Lillie's class. Carol came out and got to hang with Lillie for the last hour of the school day. They got their picture taken in the library and went to PE. Sounds like it was a fun time for both. I did not go into my two afternoon classes as to help guide the grandparents to the waiting zone as 6th graders fetched the kids who had special folks waiting. Hansen's grandparent day is on Wednesday, John will be coming out that day.

Yesterday on the walk to school we got to test out our new umbrellas. I bought umbrellas for me, Hansen, and Lillie a couple of weeks ago and keep them in my messenger bag just in case of rain on the to or from school. It was just pouring by the time we got half way to school. I think it was the most fun walking to school the kids have had yet. Kole met us at the end of the culde-sack running full speed with his dad's huge golf umbrella. His sister got a nice dry ride in the car to school. Good for Kole to rather walk in the rain with Hansen.

Last night I took Hansen and Lillie to the Covington Library. I ran into a couple of folks who also work at CV, the kids ran into kids who also attend CV. We checked out books on how things work, skateboarding, and ballet. Maren asked me what I checked out for myself, and I did not even look for myself. Guess I should check a book out for myself to read one of these days. Lately I have been reading bicycle and golf magazines and playing my Nintendo Game Boy.

Tonight is Hansen's last soccer practice. He has this practice, a game this weekend, then a banquet next week and he will be done with soccer for the season. He is looking forward to trying baseball in the spring, then soccer again in the fall. Hansen and Preston are both reading skateboarding books these days and Preston is able to do some cool tricks, so it may be off to the skateboard park for them before too long.

See you tomorrow.

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