Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Early release day.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Maren pointed out that it was the one year anniversary for my blog. I still enjoy blogging, and will just keep on day at a time. Maren found a website that can convert websites to books. We are playing around with the site and I am thinking about making a book of the first year. It is not cheap, but it should be a very cool thing to have around the house.

Today is a early release day at school. The kids are released two hours before school normally gets out. My schedule is interesting as on days where there is no school for the kids, I am not required to work, but on early release days, I am supposed to stay for my regular shift. The good thing is we then have time to meet and/or catch up on work. And I have a little catching up to do. Today John and Carol are going to come out and pick the kids up from school, then stick around to visit with Maren once she gets home from work a few hours later. Last night Lillie was so excited to tell us about early release day. She seems to think it is some National Holiday or something. I mean, get out of school early and be picked up by Nana and Grandpa, sounds like a Holiday to me.

Tonight is Lillie's first ballet class of the year. I hope she enjoys it as much as she thinks she will, the Dance studio actually started a new class as Lillie and a few other kids wanted to do ballet/jazz rather than Hiphop/tap.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Happy 1 year blogging anniversary. My friend Kris is scrapbooking my blog - comments, photos and all!

If you need to blog less often because of work and everything, we'll understand. I've been doing every other day for awhile, but this week I've just been too busy...

Melanie Ostergard said...

What is the name of the site? I've heard of them but not seen one. I'd like to check it out, too.