Thursday, October 16, 2008

ballet, meatloaf, debate

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday worked out about perfectly. The kids had an early release day and John and Carol were waiting for them on the playground. It is amazing how energized an entire school can be knowing they are getting out of school two hours early. I have never seen so many happy kids. John and Carol took the kids out to their choice of treats...and the kids choose AM/PM to buy Slurpees. Yup, the whole trip took less than a half an hour and all three kids had a huge Slurpee. Carol made meatloaf for us as well. YUM.

Lillie had her first day back at Ballet. She really enjoyed her class. She loves her teachers and she had a few students that she recognized, it was a good switch. After ballet, we raced home to eat meatloaf and watch the Presidential Debate. I don't see how any pundit can say that Obama did not perform better. He is just so much more eloquent than McCain. Maybe if you just listened on the radio and never saw the unnaturalness in McCain's demeanor, things could have been more even. I don't know, I suppose this debate did not do a ton for either candidate...I should hope you know who you are voting for by now.

Last night Preston had soccer in the freezing pouring rain. When he got home he was totally drenched and freezing. He learned that his soccer warm-ups are just not water proof.

Tonight Hansen has choir practice, the rest of us are fancy free for the evening.

See you tomorrow.

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