Saturday, September 13, 2008

tired kids, CV interview, busy day.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was the end of week two of school for the kids. And they were a tired lot by the end of the day. Not only has going to school been a big change for them, but the weather has been great during the days and after school they are playing non stop out side. There were no activities for any of the kids and all the neighbor kids were just out hanging out as well. After watching Hoodwinked, it was all we could do to drag their tired bums up stairs and into bed.

My interview at Cedar Valley was much smoother than the interview at the high school. I could not believe it, I showed up about 10 minutes early, and they gave me a copy of the questions they were going to ask me. I went over my answers for 10 minutes, then into the interview, and sure enough, they just read the same questions. It was shocking to me the differences in the way the two interviews were set up and conducted within the same school district...from the phone call to interview (the high school called me on a Sunday morning to schedule the interview), to the flyers (the high school had incorrect information on its flyer, advertising knowledge of elementary wonder I was not fully prepared to multiply complex fractions), to the asking of questions. Anyhow, I would like either job, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Today I am coaching Hansen's soccer team, our game is in a couple of hours. Preston will be off with his coach and Connor to Lacey for his soccer game at noon. And Lillie gets to start her Hip Hop/Tap class today. Once Preston gets home from soccer, we may head out to the Puyallup Fair. The weather will be perfect and the place will be a total mob scene, so we may change our mind. The kids have been really wanting to go to the fair, and their school sent them home with free tickets (for themselves). I am sure it will still cost us well over $100.00 for a family of 5 for a day at the fair by the time it is all over, I just hope it is not so crowded that it is not fun. Preston thinks he will spend the day riding roller coasters, Lillie thinks she will spend the day petting goats and chickens, Hansen thinks he will spend the day eating cotton candy, ice cream, playing arcade games and finding money, Maren thinks she will spend the day watching amazing displays of the latest knives and mixers and other cooking coolness, and I am thinking that we are going to spend an hour on the off ramp only to find full parking lots, loose at least one kid, have crazy cows jump the barriers and moo at us, listen to the boys complain at the petting zoo, listen to Lillie complain at the rides, tell Hansen no on an advance of his allowance one hundred and forty seven times, and be one of the first 100 people to be able to get a free orange juicer if I buy the latest Magic Ginsu Knives...along with 4 free steak knives! (but I would have to act NOW...oh the pressure!) How could I even consider passing on such a fun time...guess I had better just take a few deep breaths and loosen up just a bit huh?

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I hope you get the job at the elementary school, and decide to pass on the fair. It's been pre-lived in your mind already, why not save the $100?? love, susanna

Melanie Ostergard said...

You make me laugh, Julian! You know your family well. I'd have to agree with Maren on all the displays of knives and stuff. Those are the best!