Thursday, September 04, 2008

School, soccer, busy.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

We are getting into a school routine. I am sure it will be a challenge to wake up the kids this morning for school.

Lillie has been very tired at the end of the day thanks to a full day of school. The first day of school she said that she was just starving to death before lunch, so I am working on her to eat a little better breakfast. Also, a funny Lillie thing is that she was a bit mad at her teacher after the first day of school because she [the teacher] expected Lillie to leave her school supplies at school. I guess I never thought to tell Lillie the the school supplies that we put in her backpack were to stay at school! That was the very first thing she said to me after her first day...actually I think it was something like, "Yes, I had a good day, but they made me leave my school supplies at school!?!" Once she realized that that was how it was with her brothers and everyone, she was OK with it. Besides, we do have a whole art supply closet next to the art table in our house.

Today Hansen has soccer practice. His team is doing two practices per week for a few weeks as the group of kids the coach has are having a tough time learning how to play soccer, and their first game is on Saturday. I have been recruited to help with the team in practices. Preston also has two practices per week. P's are Mon and Wed, while H's are Tue and Thurs. Friday is a day off. We still seem less busy than last year so far. Lillie starts Dance class next Saturday. Saturdays will become our busy days...for now. Eventually soccer will be replaced with volleyball and track and math club and who knows what else.

Maren has been working like crazy at work the last couple of days. She has a full day class to teach on Saturday that she is preparing for, as well as a huge kid reach shipment has to go out today, but the person who does this job is out sick for the guess who has to pick up the tons of extra work.

Off to pack school lunches, see you tomorrow.

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