Monday, September 22, 2008

Preston's family birthday.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Preston's family birthday party at the Ostergard's house. He got a ton of his two favorite things: Candy and Money. He also got a personal blender set for making beverages. He made us Orange Julius's last night. This is one time where he does not know exactly what he want to buy. He does not need or even want another gaming system. He kind of wants a hybrid golf club, but he really does not need one, nor does he really want to spend all his money on a golf club (I would not let him either) as he has already learned the some clubs work well and others not so well, getting the perfect club is sometimes just luck. I think in a month or two when Qwest quits the cell phone business and we switch to either Verizon or Att (I don't know which one is better so if you have any thoughts, let me know) he will be offering up some cash to get the phone he wants rather than the phone we would buy him. Yup upgrading what the folks would normally buy him, I will not be surprised it he offers up a little money to upgrade running shoes for track season as well.

We got to visit with Jack and Avery, along with Mel, Court,Stef, John and Carol. I only put Jack and Avery first because they are the big draw. As I learned 12 years ago, the parents become a side draw to the kids pretty darn quick...not really, but yes really. Jack and Avery are doing great, they both enjoyed our kids talking to them and stuff. Avery would let me hold her no problem and had fun with me, Jack on the other hand only enjoyed me if someone a little more trusting (like Maren) was holding him.

Looks like a rainy week ahead of us, and it is Monday. I am not used to Monday's being the start of the work week. Groan.

See you tomorrow.

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