Saturday, September 20, 2008

Preston's birthday day.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Preston had a very fun birthday day. Maren and I woke him up a couple minutes early to sing Happy Birthday to him. He is now 12 and would not want to let on to enjoying that, but he did, afterall, who would not want to be woke up to happy birthday songs? He did have to suffer through 12 spankings and a pinch, to grow an inch. He brought zinger type cakes for everyone in his class. One of his friends gave him a totally goofy happy birthday hat that I am sure he wore most of the day. After school he really just wanted to open his presents, so why not...he had a bunch of card and a couple of gifts. His next party is on Sunday. He got Rock Band On Tour from us and a cool Rock Band shirt from Amber, so he had a totally rocking birthday. To keep on theme, we went to The Rock for dinner. The Rock is a Rock and Roll Pizza place that cooks pizza in a big rock stove and has cool rock and roll themed everything. Hansen and Lillie had a great time as the kids were given some uncooked pizza dough (the bakers make the dough and throw it where you can watch) and they made lots of things from miniture bowling to marbles with the pizza dough. Our origional plan (as in yesterday's blog) was to go to Which Wich for a private opening party. Corey called me in the morning and told us that the plans had changed and it was a opening for anyone walking by and the lines would be crazy long and it was no place to bring the kids if they wanted to visit and stuff. So we changed to Preston's second choice of The Rock. In the evening we had a couple neighbor kids over for cake and icecream. Good Day for Preston.

Today brings soccer games (in the rain) for both Hansen and Preston. And Lillie has dance class. Of course all three of these activities are at the same time, so Preston will go with his coach, I will take Hansen, and Maren will take Lillie. Maren maybe wants to go to the Puyallup Fair today figuring it is so rainy that it will not be too crowded. We will see where the day takes us.

Yesterday I finished my first half week of work. I have planning for the last couple of hours on Fridays, and I spent the time re configuring my teaching room. I had a single table to teach 7 kids, and that was just not working out for me. They were all too close, I could not even use name plates on the tables as they were so close. Yesterday the kids won, a glue bottle broke and glue was all over the table. Luckily the lesson was about over when the winner was selected, so maybe it was a tie...but I have learned enought in my first couple of days to do things a little differently next week. Overall I like my new job just fine, and Lillie enjoys saying "hi" to me in the halls, which goes a long way to why the job is so perfect.

See you tomorrow.

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