Sunday, September 14, 2008

No fair, soccer games, dance class, pictures.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Nope, we did not go to the fair yesterday...Phew! Instead we stayed at home for the most part. I ended up taking the kids and Connor to the dollar store to buy candy (Preston earned a box of candy by scoring a goal in the game) which was a popular choice. Lillie really wants to go to the fair, but the boys were fine not going, infact Hansen really does not want to go...he is scared of the cows. And you can't blame him, a few years a go while we were in the cow barn, a very large cow freaked out, jumped over and out of his pen and came right inbetween us on his way to freedom. It was rather freaky and Hansen does not want to relive that fun. Besides, Preston got home a little later than expected from his soccer game, so it worked to say home.

Preston scored the first goal of his soccer game, and our neighbor Connor had a header goal on a corner kick. They lost 2-3 on a couple of bummer calls. One goal called against them never had the ball cross the plane of the box, but the goalie fell into the box, and the line judge did not know the rule very well and called it a goal. Also the other team earned a PK on a very suspect call. Anyhow, I understand it was a good game.

Hansen's team did not do as well. I was the coach this week, which meant this team full of kids that don't know soccer were being coached by me, who only knows soccer by watching Preston's teams over the years. I showed up for the game 30 minutes early with Hansen. When we arrived the other team was already there, doing fancy drills, setting up their porta bench and stuff. My team showed up slowly over the next 25 minutes. Anyhow, the other team were all older for the age group and had been together for a few seasons, and as you can guess, our team got beat. But Hansen left happy as did most of the team, I let the kids play positions they wanted to play, so they had fun. The actual score was like 5-0, but Hansen thought the other team only scored twice, and his teammates probably did not really pay any better attention either.

Lillie really enjoyed her new Hip hop/ Tap class. There were only four girls in her class. One was a new friend in her Kindergarten class, another was friend from last years classes, and the third was a new girl. She learned to "walk with attitude", just what she needs! It was like, step with flair, step with flair, step with flair, brush the shoulder, brush the shoulder, hand on hip, slide to the side, make a pose. I can tell you I have never taught this stuff at Golf Camp. Actually they were walking with attitude to learn being on beat for both tap and hip hop, it was very cute.

Here are some unrelated pictures:

Maren and Lillie snuggling on the couch.
The kids before school. L to R, Preston, Hansen, Lillie, and Julia (who comes to our house before school everyday for about an hour). They wish they could stay under blankets and watch TV all day!
Hansen and his new favorite shirt.
We brought down some Halloween stuff from the attic. Here Lillie is a fairy princess with a Friday the 13th Jason hockey mask on. Very scarry!

See you tomorrow.

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Stef said...

Great pics! I especially love Hansen's shirt - and the one of Maren & Lillie is adorable.