Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My little sister is very old.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday in one of my word study classes the kids pointed out to me that I had not changed the date to 9-23-08 yet. As I changed the date I told them that it was my little sister's birthday. One boy said, "Wow, you have a little sister?!, she must be really old is she, like 19 or 20 years old?" Then a little girl piped in saying, "my mom is REALLY old, she just turned 26 or 27 years old!?". I told them that my little sister was turning 32 years old and she is 6 years younger than me. They started to get really loud about how old we are, as if no human had ever been older...I shut them right up with a spelling test.

Hansen had a good soccer practice. We (I am like the unofficial assistant coach) spent the time going over positions and where those players were allowed to go on the field. With any luck the next game will have a couple of kids staying in position, rather than 6 kids mobbing the ball the entire game.

Today we are just on schedule. School and work, then Preston has soccer practice.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

At first the title made me nervous, but I must say this blog post is exactly why I love that you keep a blog. I laughed, I cried. I started to feel old.