Saturday, September 06, 2008

making friends, allowance.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night at dinner we were asking the kids what they thought of their first week of school and if they had made any friends and stuff. Hansen said he had a very good week and there are one or two kids that he is in the process of becoming friends with. I asked him what he means by "in the process" of making friends, and he said that they hang out and talk a lot about this or that and seem to get along well, so they were "in the process" of becoming friends. Next we asked Lillie the same question, and she said she already had lots of friends and hung out with lots of people and had a very good week. Hansen asked her how she makes friends so fast, and her answer was: "I just look at them, and we are friends." So there you have it. The introvert vs. the extrovert. I would have to say that Maren would side with Hansen on this one, while I would probably side with Lillie. Preston would put himself in the middle of this debate being able to adopt either roll depending on how he is feeling. Preston had a great first week of school as well.

Last night was allowance day, so Hansen has a bunch of new Yugioh game card, Preston has a couple of new soccer balls and some candy, and Lillie has new fuzzy slippers and a cute little fairy toy. I am glad to have lost my headache! Since I only have a second this morning due to two soccer games and a golf tournament, I will just tell you that Hansen took a very long time deciding what Starwars figures he was going to buy, only to get to the front of the store where the Yugioh cards were and completely loose his mind! I was far more patient with him than his siblings were, as I actually thought Yugioh cards were a better use of his money than more Starwars action figures.

See you tomorrow.

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