Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Last day of summer, first day of school.

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

For the last couple of days my computer has been acting strange, and I have not been able to log onto blogger, or even view blogger. I deleted all cookies and cleaned up the drives and stuff, and now it is working. Yay.

On Monday, the day before school started, we spent the last hurrah of summer at Wild Waves. This time we brought Maren as Preston wanted to go on the scary rides with his mom. The rest of us just watched in horror. Below are a bunch of pictures from Wild Waves, We actually ran into several people we know. I guess we were not the only ones living it up on the last day of summer.

Today was the first day of school. School went great for all the kids. Lillie was so nervous, but she had a great day. Hansen had a great day at CV, he has really embraced the change and really enjoyed his teacher and not having to ride the bus and stuff. And Preston had a great day after getting to school almost late due to the KSD bus department not having ever run dry runs and the buses getting lost and stuff. Totally embarrassing for the KSD. Preston's bus was not the only KSD bus to get lost. I mean really. Anyhow, all the kids had a great day, and Maren was SO relieved when Lillie had a good day. Lillie started so nervous that Maren was feeling sad as well, you know her little baby girl is now in school all day!

Maren and Preston going upside down on the Wild Thing.
Maren and Lillie on the Kanga Bounce.
Hansen going solo on the Kanga Bounce.
Maren, Preston, and Lillie (back of the car) on the Kiddie Coaster. Lillie started yelling "I WANT TO GET OFF, I WANT TO GET OFF!!!!!!" just after the roller coaster started. Maren was laughing so hard that she was crying by the time the ride ended.
Hansen, Lillie and Preston (L to R) on the back deck this morning before school.
Hansen and Lillie in front of the CV sign.
Maren and Lillie, this is dropping Lillie off in her classroom. Lillie looks very calm in this photo, but she was a ball of nerves.
Maren and I went out to a nice lunch at Zepher Bar and Grill at the Kent Station while the kids were in school. I am still full!
See you tomorrow.

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