Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

We received a nice Rosh Hashanah card from my grandparents. Thanks, and have a nice Rosh Hashanah.

Now that I am working a M-F work week, the weekdays seem to hold much more in common with each other than ever before. This is really no problem, and I am enjoying my job, but I am finding it hard to come up with original stuff to write about each day. Yesterday my day was about normal, the only difference was that me and the kids walked to school rather than riding bikes or driving. When the weather is poor, I usually drive and park behind the school. The walk ends up being about 20 minutes with the littles, just a little too long to be in the cold and rain before school. We rode our bikes for the first week of school (with Lillie in the trailer) but with me staying at school for the day, there is no good place to put my bicycle due to the trailer, plus it is really not much shorter than walking because we have to walk the bikes on the school grounds and take the long way. Today we will walk as well as the weather will be nice.

The other strange thing yesterday was that the 700 billion bailout plan failed. I sure was not expecting it to fail as McCain seemed to change the world to get it done...only he could not even convince half the republicans to vote for it. And then the republicans blame a speech by the speaker who said this bailout was necessary due to the policies of their leadership, so they don't vote for it...hmm. I guess I will turn on the news again tonight and see what is up. I figure most of the folks reading this blog lost more $$$ yesterday than the bailout plan would have cost them. My only hope is that more level heads will think up a better plan over the next week or so that will lead to a better future than the failed plan would have created.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

You are an astute economist, but a little scary. love, susanna