Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Preston.

Happy Birthday Preston!!!

Preston is 12. Wednesday he got a birthday round of golf, today he gets to choose anywhere he wants for dinner. I think he has chosen Which Witch, Uncle Corey's dad and brother's restaurant which is opening tomorrow in the U-district, but is having a special opening for friends and family this evening. Then on Sunday he has the family birthday party/BBQ at the Ostergards. Not a bad birthday season for the kid. Today he is also bringing cake snacks to all his classmates at school.

Last night we went to an opening of a friend's art exhibit in down town Tacoma. It was very cool, he had combinations of wooden an metal sculptors along with very cool glass bowl/vase pieces, and some work that dated back nearly 20 years. There was a little snack area with drinks and crackers that the kids enjoyed. I think the kids really enjoyed the art and the experience, I know Maren and I did. Preston is just beginning his teenager "leaning on everything rather than standing up straight" phase so I had to keep reminding him that leaning on the pillars that hold the glass sculptures costing $7,000.00 each was not really a good idea. Yikes.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Happy Birthday Preston! Love, Aunt Susanna

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Preston!!!

Do you mean which wich? The sandwhich shop? We have those here! My favorites are the Elvis wich and the buffalo shrimp.

My birthday's next week and my co-workers are taking me to wherever I want to go. That's a tough choice to make!