Monday, September 08, 2008

From soccer to Rally Sunday, a full weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We had a very busy weekend. Saturday started with Maren going to a full day workshop she was teaching while Preston got a ride to his soccer game and I took Lillie with me to Hansen's soccer jamboree and pictures. I was to get home from Hansen's game, meet Carol at my house and then fly up to Carnation for the Marta Connell Golf Tournament. The timing just worked. Preston had no problem with his game, in fact his team won 2-0 and Preston scored both goals. He was very excited about his game, apparently he did some very cool slide kick thing to get his second goal. Hansen played very tough in his game, he just missed a goal or two, but his strength was defender. I don't think the other team scored a goal while he was defender. Lillie enjoyed playing in the dirt at the baseball fields while Hansen played soccer.

Maren did get to work on time, but she had one problem after another. First was the alarm that would not turn off, next was the screen from the projector breaking in a heap on the floor, and the last straw was an incident where lady attending the class vehemently accused Maren of trying to "fry her brains" when the laser bar code scanner accidentally flashed her while checking out library materials. You just can't make this stuff up. Not surprisingly Maren is going through a "I hate my job and want to quit working and just drive to Mexico, but my passport is out of date" phase. I am sure things will turn around for her soon, just not today.

The Marta Connell Golf Tournament went very smoothly. This year we did tee times rather than a shotgun start. Not as many folks stayed for the end, but most did. Tee times were much easier for all the volunteers and for me as a helper in scoring. Steve and I partnered well, and we would have been in contention if it was not for an 8 on hole #10. Yup, the 300 yard par 4 that is usually a 5-iron off the tee and a SW into the green found us both hitting two balls out of bounds trying to drive the green. There is a very real reason neither of us are playing in the PGA FedEx playoffs...yup, we lack talent. Actually I did win a Closest to the pin contest and we almost made up the extra strokes with a good birdie run. It was a good tournament and plenty of money was raised for Primary Pulmary Hypertension research.

Yesterday I took the kids to church by myself as Maren had volunteer work to do. Lillie asked if she could bring her new kitty stuffed animal that she had gotten from a garage sale the day before, and Hansen wanted to bring his Lego/Bionicle catalogs to read. I said sure on both of these requests. At church, the little girl sitting in the pew just in front of us was a friend of Lillie from preschool, and she had a kitty stuffed animal that was identical to Lillie's. The two kitties were able to say hi to each other and stuff quietly through out church. And if that was not strange enough, the boy Hansen sat next to in our row had three lego/bionicle catalogs just as Hansen did. They spent the entire service comparing and drooling over lego/bionicle stuff...they were a bit loud and had to be shushed at times, but they sure had a good time. After church was rally Sunday to get ready for Sunday School classes to begin next Sunday so we all had hot dogs and chips. Lillie got her face painted with flower on her cheek. The kids also got to play on a bouncy obstacle course and have snow cones.

After church Maren's friend Judy visited and brought a few bags of clothes for Lillie handed down from another Maren friend Jo. Lillie spent the afternoon organizing clothes and trying on clothes. I took Preston golfing at Elk Run. He played well and had a couple of pars.

Today is back to school and soccer.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I am going through a phase like Maren's "I hate my job and the only way out is to win the lottery". But really I just love being with Johnny full-time instead of working. Don't like running away from hurricanes but do like sleeping.
I loved your comment the other day about how Lillie makes friends. sp

Emily said...

Oh, boy, "fry her brains" indeed. I tell you, it takes a certain breed to think that a librarian is after you.