Thursday, September 18, 2008

first day on the job, Preston's birthday round of golf.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

What a busy day yesterday was. My first day on the new job was just fine. I met a lot teachers and paras and got right into the schedule of things. I have two pull out classes of my own where I take 6 to 8 kids to my teaching area and work on reading skills for about a half an hour. The rest of the time I am shuffled between teacher's classrooms to help in their classes. I have a little bit of a learning curve to deal with for my pull out classes with the curriculum and stuff, but it seems this should be a fun job. It was funny in the staff lunch room yesterday, I was invited to sit with a couple of Preston's old teachers which was nice. Many of the teachers had very nice lunches consisting of fancy salads on nice plates brought from home with nice little side and stuff. I had just made a 4th lunch for me when making the kid lunches, so it was just the same as the kids...and I used Preston's old tattered lunch box from the last couple of years. When I plopped my lunch box down and took out my peanut butter sandwich and cheese stick, one of the teachers said, "now that looks like a kids lunch if I have ever seen one." Maybe I will add jelly to my peanut butter sandwich today!

After school I hurried over to GL to pick up Preston and his friend Josh to take them golfing for Preston's birthday present. We had early release yesterday and we figured to have enough time to play 18 holes. I had been telling Preston for a few days that I had a surprise for him, but it was nothing of a material nature. He was perplexed trying to think of the surprise. When we got to the course, unloaded our clubs and headed over to the putting green, I pointed to a guy putting on the far side of the green and said to Preston, "Who is that ugly guy putting over there?" It took Preston a second to figure it out, then he was like "Uncle Corey! Yeah!". It was great having Corey join us...Corey's birthday is a week later than Preston's, so this was his birthday present as well. Preston golfed crazy good. He and his friend Josh (a buddy from school and soccer, who is a beginning golfer) played a tee box up from Corey and I, and Preston spent the day out driving us and stuff. Preston shot a 45 on the front 9 at Elk Run. He nearly got a 2 on hole number 5 as his second shot missed the hole by inches, then rolled 4 feet past. He made the putt no problem for his first ever birdie. After 6 holes Preston and Corey were tied, but Corey pulled away on the final three holes to beat Preston by a few strokes. Since neither Preston or Josh had ever played 18 holes and we were walking, we changed the format on the back 9. Me and Josh took on Preston and Corey in a two person scramble format. Me and Josh were able to beat them by one stroke, but it was a good match. I don't usually use my driver but for a couple of holes at Elk Run (I tend to be a bit conservative on the golf course-I absolutely hate penalty strokes), but Corey was hitting his driver crazy far! Corey hit a few drives that were as long as any drives I have seen in a long time, on hole 6 he hit one perfectly that went about 300 yards, the kids were totally amazed.

Today is another very busy day. See you tomorrow.

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