Friday, September 05, 2008

drawing a blank.

Good morning, it is Friday.

This morning I am drawing a blank about what to write about. I could write about picking up the kids from school on my bicycle with the trailer on it. And how Lillie has saved 1/2 of her sandwich from lunch every day and been so happy to eat it while riding in the trailer on the way home from school. Or how ever since I started riding the bicycle to school and allowing Hansen to ride his bicycle to school with us, that his buddy Kole now rides his bike to school and will be waiting for us outside the house when time to leave. Or I could tell you how after I drop the littles off at CV and wait outside until the bell rings, then I get on my bicycle and ride down the hill of doom (so named by Hansen and Preston...but not much of a hill) to see if Preston's bus has left yet, that I can make that run faster than any car due to not being stuck in the same traffic, one mom has to do that run in her car (from CV to the GL bus stop) and her traffic is horrible. Preston said he likes having me drive down the hill and see them as he is bored with all the younger kids at his bus stop.

I could tell you that yesterday while the kids were in school I did a handful of chores, surfed the Internet, then went to Jade Green GC. I picked up 4 dozen Wilson Zip golf balls that the Sales Rep had left for me, and hit some range balls. I then did some betting with Steve Dubsky on the putting green for about an hour. We would play 6 holes for a quarter, neither of us could leave until someone won a dollar. I have his dollar in my pocket, but I am not supposed to tell anyone because he is known as the King of the putting green. When Maren reads that my days are spent surfing, cleaning, and hanging out at the golf course, there had better be some real evidence of chores being done or she will have steam shooting from her ears! Does not help that her week at work has been rough. I still have a few applications in for jobs, but nothing has panned out yet.

I will tell you that Today I will teach a golf lesson, my student is Mick. It will be great to catch up with Mick. He has some cool artwork called Carved Timber Sculpture going on display at an art gallery called Fulcrum in Tacoma in just over a week. I may also have lunch with Steve Dubsky, and do some errands. The waste mobile is coming to Covington and I have a bunch of florescent light bulbs and some old car oil that I need to get rid of.

Off to start the day, see you tomorrow.

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