Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy weekend, Lillie is Memory champ!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Busy weekend! Saturday was two soccer games, team pictures, and dance class. Both teams lost by just one goal, both boys played great. Hansen had great awareness of the game and made a great assist, Preston also played very well and made a very cool goal by kneeing the ball as it was going over another player's head as they were sliding for the ball or something. Lillie is learning more with her walk with attitude and tap. Yesterday after church, I took the boys to the driving range while I taught a golf lesson.

Lillie has become the undisputed champion in our family for the game Memory. She has beat me, she has beat Maren, She beat Shannon (who claimed to be master of the game Memory), and the boys are scared to take her on. Actually Hansen won in a three person game of with me and Lillie, so he thinks he is too cool for memory. Anyhow, she is just this cute little curly haired 5 year old girl who somehow just knows where all the pieces are and makes matches when I don't even remember seeing the cards ever turned over. Maren says that Lillie plays like Stef did when she was a kid...I guess Stef was a memory master as well.

Last night Shannon came over (not just to be beat in Memory by Lillie) to watch the Amazing Race with Maren and us. They [Maren and Shannon] are Amazing Race junkies. I personally don't like the show as I just get anxious watching it. Anyhow, it was a fun evening, and Shannon is driving a very cool brand new Ford Mustang as her little Chevy is in the shop from a slow speed run in with a Ram Truck. Shannon likes to brag about how her little Chevy actually did leave a mark on the Ram Truck (the accident was the Ram Truck's fault).

Today is back to work for everyone, and soccer for Preston.

See you tomorrow.

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Melanie Ostergard said...

It sounds like Lillie needs to challenge Auntie Stef to a game of Memory. May the best win!!