Friday, September 12, 2008

another interview, coached H's soccer.

Good morning, it is Friday.

I have not heard back from the high school about the math paraeducator job. Maybe the HR department is slow, maybe they actually want a candidate who is good at math. I don't know, but I have not been given that job as of yet. I do have another interview today. Today's interview is at Cedar Valley Elementary school being a paraeducator to kids who are mainstreamed, but still struggle. Cedar Valley is much closer to home and this job may actually be a better fit. I was getting a bit enamored with the idea of working in the high school and maybe helping with the golf team some day and stuff, but things seem to work out the way they should. Maybe I will not get either job and will end up just juggling golf balls in the pro shop all winter, and that would be fine too.

Yesterday I coached Hansen's soccer team as the regular coach is out of town. I had Preston help me, and we did a very good job. I did not need to yell nearly as much as the regular coach, nor did I make the kids run quite as least for punishment. I did have one kid that would not cooperate, so I let him know that if he could not participate in practice, he could explain to his parents why he would not be starting in the next game. He knows he is a good player, but I am coaching the next game and he will not be starting. That worked for a while, next his mom just had to take him home. He really wanted to cooperate once his mom stepped in, but thankfully she took him home. Maybe next season I will just coach Hansen's team. One of the big differences between community rec soccer and Select Soccer (as Preston is playing) is the quality and professionalism of the coaches. You just don't make it to the select ranks if you are not a decent coach, anyone can be a coach at the rec level, and if you are just a clown, folks kind of look the other way and figure it will all be over in a couple of months anyhow. Parents are much more vocal and knowledgeable of the coaches in the select ranks.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Good luck getting a job - I hope you get the one at CV!