Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1st day on job, Preston flips.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

First day on the new job today. Yesterday I went and and did fingerprinting and name badge and all that stuff. I was so excited about the new job, the schedule, and the extra money, that I had not given much thought to benefits. I work 25 hours per week, which means I get benefits! I have never had benefits working as a golf professional, I have always been on Maren's plans. Having benefits is like getting a $400.00 per month raise before I even start working. Very nice.

Last night was curriculum night at CV and we went to presentations in both Hansen and Lillie's classrooms. Both teachers had very good presentations, and we are quite happy with all the kid's teachers. We made Preston come so he could see his old teachers...Ms. Hickey took offense to that statement "old teacher", so we had to change it to "former teacher". Preston enjoys being doted on, even if he wished he could have stayed at home.

The video clip above is of Preston doing flips on the trampoline at our neighbor's house. We have a loose no trampoline rule at our in we will never get a trampoline and if you are one one, please be jumping one at a time. Lillie and Hansen have a hard time with the whole one at a time thing, but at least they know to think safety.

Tonight I am taking Preston and his friend Josh out golfing after school for Preston's birthday present. I have not told Preston, but Uncle Corey is scheduled to join us. Preston will really enjoy having Corey there. Corey's birthday is in a week, so I guess this is his birthday present as well.

In other job news, Maren had her job reorganized. She now works for the Outreach Department rather than the Public Services Department. Her job does not seem like it will change, but she did get a new boss and a new department. Normally Maren would freak out about this type of change, but this seems like a logical change that she is pleased with.

See you tomorrow.

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Mom and Dad said...

Congratulations on your new job! It sounds just right! Yes, we were saying "hmmm" about the math job. We never hear 6 x 8 without thinking of you - painfully. But the job you got sounds perfect - and congrats on the benefits!