Saturday, August 02, 2008

Two days worth of blogging.

Live, from Covington, it's Saturday Night!!!!

Yup, I slept in today until like 9:00am and did not feel like blogging.

Yesterday was a soccer day. Preston's team got creamed by one of the best teams in the region, the Rangers. Then a couple of hours later just barely got beat by a team who also got creamed by the Rangers. Preston's team only had one sub the whole day and about 5 injured kids. In the first part of the second game Preston totally twisted his ankle on the turf and could hardly walk, he got to sit on the bench for about 15 minutes until someone else got injured and he had to go back in. The other team had like 4 subs. I think Synergy would have taken them if they had a couple more healthy bodies. It was just as well since they did win their Thursday game and if they won the second Saturday game they would have just faced the Rangers in the final...and who wants to play them again???

During Thursday's game I took the littles to the park to play. During Friday's second game I took the littles to the arcade to play. After the games we just came home and hung out. Lillie went and played at our neighbor Samantha's house and their big play toy, the boys did something, but I don't remember what by now.

Today Preston went with Alec to a skating birthday party for Alec's little sister Avery and had a great time. The rest of us went up to Stef and Corey's new house. Hansen and Lillie got to play with their cousin's Alex, Claire and Miles and all had a great time. Most of the moving was already done by the time we got up there, all I did was help build the lawn furniture, eat and visit with everyone. We got to see a few babies as well. Mel and Court's babies Jack and Avery were there as well as baby Ollie, who is Corey's cousin Carey's baby. Ollie, Jack and Avery are within a week or two of each other and all are very cute. Ollie has amazingly red hair and the hugest eyes. Maren spent most of the day entertaining a very happy baby Avery.

Before going out to Stef and Corey's house, we did some garage sale in the neighborhood. We got a whole stack of plastic deck chairs, a motorcycle model for Hansen, a couple of nice fuzzy blankets (one Bratz, one Princess) and other little toys for Lillie, and Maren found some good stuff as well. All the loot for less than $10.00. Good garage sale day for us.

Tomorrow Preston is going with Connor to see the new Batman movie, Maren is gleaning in the morning, and I may take the littles to church. Otherwise the day does not really have any plans.

See you Monday. Blogger had trouble saving and posting this, so if the paragraphs have strange gaps, that is why.

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