Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Reading Program, homework?, vote.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

In exactly two weeks, school starts for our kids. Between that news and the rain, things have gotten a little glum around here. It does not help that all of our summer vacations are behind us and there is just no fun on the horizon around here (ok, that is a little dramatic, but looking at the kid's faces, that is all you see). For Hansen and Lillie, a little relief came from the King County Library Summer Reading Program. Yesterday they had both completed the required reading time charts and we risked the rain and headed over to the Covington Library to collect their prize.

These Vivitar Binoculars are the prize for the SRP this year. Great prize. They have a little carry case, and they have the King County Library logo on them...and they feel to be good, solid actual binocular. This is the best prize I have seen yet for the SRP, and I figure Preston (who has read more than any of us this summer, but was thinking he was too old for the summer reading stuff) will actually fill out his reading chart just to get a pair. Me and the littles made a little guessing bet, I say Preston will, Lillie says he wont, and Hansen is on the fence about whether or not Pres digs out the reading program stuff just to get a cool pair of binoculars. We will not say anything to Pres about it, but the littles will show off the binoculars every chance they get!

The pictures below are of the kids doing homework. Yup, with two weeks until school starts, I am giving them about 10 minutes of homework each day just so they don't totally forget everything. Lillie designed and colored a tiara thing, that somehow ended up being a purse for mom by the time it was all done.

Preston and Hansen are doing some cool flash card games. Hansen is working on a reading set while Preston is working on a math set. Preston was giving me his mad face. You should have seen it before soccer practice, I think I will let the kid sleep in today!
On a good note, our new ice-cream maker works great and we had some very good home made fudge ice-cream last night.
And don't forget, today is voting day around here. We will all go up to the community center when Maren gets home to vote. Next year all our state's voting will be all mail in ballots, so we will enjoy one of the last times we get to actually go to a polling center to vote.
See you tomorrow.

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