Friday, August 01, 2008

soccer, slot cars, walks.

Good morning, it is Friday. Summer is half way over, and by the looks of the rain, fall is in the air. I am sure we will get a few good weeks of summer before it is back to school and stuff.

Preston is already gone for two soccer games today. His team won their game yesterday and who knows what will unfold today. They are playing on turf fields rather than on grass this weekend. I think Preston's game is better suited for turf as the ball just goes faster. Playing in position and getting the the right places are more rewarded as the ball just flies. It is pouring rain this morning, and I am very happy his coach is able to drive him as waking up the littles to hang out at a wet park in the early hours does not sound good at all. We will go to his second game around noon.

The boys have been having fun with an old slot car race track I brought down from the attic. They were able to set it up and race it without any help. This particular track is probably 5 years old or so and has one stretch that goes up and down the wall, a jump, and a loop. The cars go so fast that I can't keep them on the track, but Preston and Hansen are able to keep them on no problem. I think they enjoy seeing who can make their car fly the farthest off the track more than just racing them, no surprise there.

Last night Lillie was bored as the boys were in the back yard chipping golf balls and Maren and I were watching Motocross freestyle jumping on the X-games (those guys are totally crazy) and she spotted Adessa (a neighbor high school girl) walking along the sidewalk around the culde-sac just texting her friends and passing time. Lillie asked if she could walk with her, and Adessa said sure. It was cute to see them walking along. Who knows what they were talking about, probably Lillie was doing all the talking...about her Hannah Montana shoes, or her yellow dress, or her this or her that...Adessa was a trooper, although she probably just kept texting her friends and halfway tuned out the little gabber.

See you tomorrow.

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