Thursday, August 07, 2008


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday I went golfing while John and Carol hung out with the kids. I had fun golfing and played well, sounds like the kids all had fun as well.

Last night after dinner, we (the whole fam) took Preston over to Alec's house to spend the night, then headed over to the library to pick up a ton of holds and look at kid videos. Who knew that we would show up just a half an hour prior to the Pirate concert by Capt Bogg & Salty!!! We did stick around for the concert and Lillie had a great time. At first she was sitting near some kids that would not get up and dance...but you could tell that Lillie wanted to get up and dance like about half the crowd. She finally just moved over to the side where the dancing folk were and danced her little heart out. Hansen found a book and actually just read throughout the entire performance. Of course he wanted to get an "eat a lime" bumper sticker and get autographs of the performers...who he could not be bothered to watch during the concert. It was a fun concert, glad we got lucky to see it. Who knows how many patrons of the library complained about the loud pirate rock band and all the dancing and "AARGGing" kids at the library...Maren says that whenever the libraries have these fun programs for kids, the complaints from the adults who think Libraries should be super quiet places go through the roof. Let em complain. In an interesting static learned from the police the night before, the under 18 population of Covington is about 38 percent. Lots of kids around these parts.

See you tomorrow.

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