Friday, August 08, 2008

A pile of VHS movies.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Right now we have about 30+ VHS tapes all over the living room floor. Most are Disney productions, others are classic kid movies. Lillie has been asking for weeks to get the movie box out of the garage, but two things have been keeping it there. 1. I packed the VHS tapes away when we got new carpet and it was great not to have a big box of old movies around. 2. Our VCR has been broken, only the DVD has been working. So last night Maren dug out one box and Lillie thought it was great as she had towers of VHS tapes with movies like Cinderella, Hercules, Tim Noah, and more all around her. I got the other two down and Lillie thought it was the best day of her life...she really did, or so she claimed. She had piles of movies organized in order of watchability and rows of movies on the floor stretching from one side of the living room to the other side. Unfortunately the VCR still did not work, so last night I bought a new one. You can get VCR/DVD players for around $60.00. Who knew. I guess the expensive VCR players, like $200.00 actually can record shows and stuff onto DVR disks and such, be we don't need so fancy. So last night we watched Tim Noah. All the kids enjoyed the show, witch is rare these days that they can all watch a show and not have at least one complainer. Helped that They were all exhausted. Lillie had VBS and then a few hours to hang out at Lily's house. Preston did not get much if any sleep at his sleep over at Alec's house, and Hansen had his friend Nicholas come play for around four hours. Today we will have to weed through the VHS tapes and get at least one box back in the garage or else walking through the living room will be a thing of the past.

Today will be much cooler around here weather wise. Lillie has one last day of VBS and a little concert at the end. The boys don't have any plans. Maren will be out this evening having dinner with her friends so me and the kids will be on our own.

Today is 8-8-08. Enjoy the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

See you tomorrow.

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