Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pike Place Market, more Lillie sayings.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I have lots I could blog about, but I will try to keep it short as I feel that I have added a ton to the blog in the last few days. Today is my 300th post, who knew I would make it past four posts?

Yesterday I had a free day with the kids, one of our few totally empty days. I decided to take them to Pike Place Market and the Seattle Waterfront...against their will...but it was worth it, they had good time. Maren was working, so it was just me and the kids. We started at the Pike Place Market, it was very busy and the weather was perfect. Two pictures did not turn out, maybe a dead spot on my memory card or something, but one was of the big Public Market sign and the other was of Preston pretending to pucker up to kiss a huge dead salmon while the fish guy is holding the fish. Below are a few pics from the Pike Place Market.

Hansen and a very tall Totem Pole. At the end of the Market was a free concert at lunch time. We got to listen to an accomplished Jazz band for a few minutes.
The sun is wrong on this pic, but Preston wanted it to look like he was leaning on the huge Totem pole when in actuality he is thirty yards away.
Hansen in front of what the folks were saying is the very first Starbucks Coffee store. One of the highlights for our Coffee loving Hamster.
Hansen and Lillie checking out treasures in one of the little shops in the market. Yup, that is Elvis lurking behind them in the Rock Star Fortune Teller booth.
Me and Lillie enjoying a beverage at the Red Robin on the Pier at the Seattle Waterfront. Hansen did not like this restaurant very much because it was on a Pier and he did not really feel all that safe. The big cruise boat just next to the building was rocking and rolling when other boats went by. We also went inside the Seattle Aquarium for a little bit to check out the tide pools and stuff.

Now for the Lillie sayings of the day. Last night Maren made Tacos for dinner. This is a good choice for Preston, and one of Hansen's favorite dinner options. Lillie does not care for Tacos and was letting us know. She was saying how she hated this dinner and could she have something else. Maren said something to the effect of how she worked hard to make a good dinner and Lillie should be considerate of others...that is when Lillie hit her fists on the table and said, "Well, I am not buying it!!!" The rest of us started to crack up...we are not so good at listening to the bossy girls.

Lillie's second saying of the day came at bed time. Lillie was in bed with her light off and trying to fall asleep. Preston had the Tetris Cube game in his bed and was trying to solve the puzzle, but he kept dropping the little pieces on the wood floor and making a racket. I was telling Preston to put the game away and get a book if he was not tired, and we hear Lillie yell from her bed, "Does anybody care! I am trying to get my beauty nap here!" Of course that was answered from the boys with a couple of sharp "NO!" answers. Fun times.

Today is the start of a three day heat wave up here, supposed to be in the high 80's or low 90's. Of course these heat waves always correspond with Jr. Golf Camp which is tonight through Friday. I am teaching and Preston is attending. Hansen did not want to attend and Lillie is still too little. Maren is going to be on her own the next few nights as Today and Thursday I have Jr. Camp and Friday is the Reunion.

See you tomorrow.

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