Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a park day. As in I went to two parks yesterday. At lunch time Preston rode his bike over to Alec's house and I decided to take the littles to the park for lunch. I had Lillie ride in the trailer and Hansen rode his bicycle over to the Jenkins Creek School Park. Hansen was nervous for a while and I could not understand why, until we turned to the school park rather than the Jenkins Creek Park, which is just a bunch of paths that go through the woods to a pond that is closed due to constant vandalism. Hansen was worried that 1. we should not be near the pond, and 2. that there could be animals around. Getting Hansen to sleep at Lake Wenatchee this year is going to be a challenge, he is going through a being scared of wild animals that are or are not around phase. The first two pics are from lunch, the last is from when I took Lillie to a park in Auburn called Brennan Park which has softball fields, a play ground, and a skate board park. Preston was at Soccer practice across the street at a Jr. High School where his team practices on a regular basis, usually he rides with the neighbors, yesterday I drove both boys and Lillie came along.

Lillie on the spider web. She scales these things no problem, then hangs upside down from the high bars, then needs help getting down.
Hansen likes to climb to the top and hang out.
This is a funny picture. How many times in your life do you get to swing next to a dog who is also swinging? Lillie was playing at this park and this other little girl was playing a well, they were making castles and swinging and stuff when this old man came by walking his two little dogs. He was nice, but kind of creepy. He thought his dogs were kids and he thought everyone would want to pet them and he (being an old creepy guy with two little dogs) would just hang out at the kid park and put his dogs on the slide and the swing and stuff that to me was quite odd. Anyhow, Lillie did think it was quite fun to get to swing next to a dog, and the other little girl thought pushing the dog on the swing was the best thing ever. This little park in Auburn was quite a strange and diverse place. Over the hour we were there we hung out with a Russian speaking Dad and kid, a Spanish speaking family, a Chinese speaking family, an African American family with the coolest done up hair, and a creepy old man with a swinging dog. On the one side of the parking lot a couple of 20 something guys looked to be dealing drugs with another car, and at the softball field next to the playground was a co-ed church league softball game where the teams all prayed in a big circle for a few minutes before playing ball. Lillie was just playing at the playground and happy to have different kids to play with every once in a while, I was just wondering what would be next.

See you tomorrow.

PS. How many of you noticed that Lillie had on different outfits for each of the parks? This girl goes through more changes of clothes in one day than I do in a week.

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