Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More $$$ savings, National Night Out.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday I wrote how I called XM Radio to cancel and they gave me three months free service just to not cancel yesterday. Well, I also called a couple of other providers and here is what came about. I called the Seattle Times with the idea of going from an every day paper down to just Sunday. We have been having $20.00 automatically deducted every month for everyday delivery. The had a special where if you order the Sunday paper, you can get the weekday papers for free for 20 weeks, and it sounds like this type of special may always be in effect if you ask? So now we have the daily paper for $11.50 rather than $20.00. Qwest had specials as well that were not so advertised where by bundling and getting "plus" packages we were able to save money and get more services on the home phone. On the wireless phones we canceled the Internet features for the two phones and saved another $30.00. The cable TV had a special as well that let us keep the On Demand Box and go down to 100 channels for closer $50.00 per month when we had a package that had more channels and features for $85.00. So all in all, after making an hour worth of phone calls, and not loosing too much in our quality of lives, we were able to save close to $95.00 per month or over $1,100.00 per year. While we are not drowning in debt, we are certainly feeling the pinch of everything getting more expensive...so those were easy cost cutting measures and the only reason I even put them out there is because it was so obvious from talking with the representatives from these companies that I am not the only one not wanting to spend extra $$$, and these companies do seem to have fall backs to save their customers some money if asked.

Today Lillie had VBS with Lily and may even get to go to Lily's house and play afterwards. Today is allowance day at our house and Hansen has been asking every day for the last week for an advance (which was always a no) so he could go buy this or that...I am sure we will be shopping at some point today.

Also tonight is the National Night Out Against Crime. We are hosting a Night Out for our culde-sac. Basically at 7:00pm we will have cookies and hang out with all the neighbors. Hopefully we will see some we have not seen in a while and have a nice evening. Also a Covington Council member or a Police Officer of Covington will stop by and talk to the group about safety and answer questions we may have about Covington or anything. Should be fun.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

We've been seeing signs for National Night Out here at our neighborhood park, where they're going to have $1 hotdogs and sides, face painting, etc... we won't go this year, but maybe when Rora's a little bigger!

I used to call our internet company every 6-months and have them drop our rate from $45 back down to $30 ($30/mo is the promo rate or something), but I haven't done it lately. I guess I figure since Chuck's online all day for work and it's a tax deduction, we can pay full price. I called the DirecTV guys during my maternity leave to try to have that price dropped, and they said that thier prices have gone up since we became customers, and we are lucky to not be paying more. WHAT!?