Sunday, August 31, 2008

M work party, Wild Waves, Lillie's clean room.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Friday evening we went to a little party at Maren's friend Lisa's house. Lisa has the nicest house I have every been in. The house is big and the layout is excellent, many big nice houses have areas that just are not very useful, but Lisa's house has a very friendly layout. Anyhow, the party was fun and Maren got to hang out "off the clock" with some of her work friends. There was a very fun antique ice-cream maker that the kids and I helped with, and enough chicken shishkabobs for the neighborhood! The game room was set up with plenty of cool toys the kids enjoyed and Preston got to showcase his Guitar Hero skills.

Yesterday Preston had a noon soccer game, then a trip to Wild Waves with his friends. Since I was taking Preston (just had to drop him off really) to Wild Waves, I decided to take the littles along as well. Preston came up with this plan with his friends Friday evening, the littles did not know I was taking them to Wild Waves until about 10 minutes before we left. Preston hung out with friends the whole time, we did run into him once so he could tell us that he went on the Timber Hawk, a huge roller coaster. Lillie was the thrill seeker of our group. She talked me and Hansen into going on the Frog Hopper, then she decided to go on the Kanga Bounce all by herself. The set up of the Kanga Bounce was such that only one couple go could go at a time, but singles could get on easily. Lillie just went in the singles line as Hansen and I were not really interested in Kanga Bouncing. The worker had to do some creative measuring to let Lillie on the ride, she was really an inch too short, but the ride is not too violent, so it was all good. Hansen still loves the big slide and the bumper cars. Of course we spent plenty of time in the wave pool as well. It was too cold for maybe about 70 degrees, I hung out on a lounge chair in my sweatshirt. I think it was warmer in the water because when the littles came out of the water, they were freezing needing to either go back into the water or dry off quickly.

While I was at Wild Waves with the kids, Maren was home cleaning and stuff. She could have come along, but she said she was on a roll with her chores and wanted to keep going. When we did get home, Lillie went up to her room to change clothes (Maren had totally cleaned Lillie's room while we were gone) and when Lillie saw her clean room she was running around and yelling for us to come see her room and how it magically got clean while she was gone. Lillie was a very happy girl. She loves to have her room clean, she just does not have patience to keep it clean or clean it herself just yet. Hansen was bummed out that his room did not get magically clean while he was gone. Too bad Hansen, you actually have to clean your room yourself.

Today Preston has two soccer games. Yes, this busy Select Soccer schedule is slowly but surly turning Preston against soccer. Golf is his new sport, and he is only going to finish out the year of soccer because he is obligated to do so. I am sure he will enjoy volleyball and track with his school, but soccer is on the out list. Of course if he was to score 5 goal today and his team was somehow able to win a game or two, this could all change.

See you tomorrow.

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