Monday, August 18, 2008

Lake Wenatchee

Good morning, it is Monday.

We just got back from camping at Lake Wenatchee. Well almost all of us, we left Preston with Stef and Corey, so he will be back sometime today.

So here is how the weekend went. As you know I had my class reunion on Friday night, had a good time, and got home nice and late, like 1:30 am. We then were woke up at 7:00 am by Lillie who was dressed and ready to go camping at Lake Wenatchee. By the time we were packed and the boys were up and ready to go, it was exactly 10:00am...perfect. Got to Lake Wenatchee at about 1:30 and headed straight to the water. Lillie and Preston spent the afternoon on the boats along with many others. Me, Hansen, and Maren spent the afternoon on the shore along with many others. This year we had three new campers as Jack, Avery, and Maggie were there. They seemed to all do just fine, camping in 100+ degree weather when you are only 6 months old must be strange. Hansen had his cousins Tyler and Alex to hang with. Lillie had her cousins Claire and Kyra. Preston went between the adults and the kids. Camden and Nicholas were there as were all the usual adults. We had great food, fun times around the campfire, fun at the giant rock, good company, and plenty of time at the water. About half of us left Sunday around 1:00pm, the rest will be coming home today. Saturday night there were a few thunderstorms rolling through as well as a few rain showers...just enough to keep Hansen from sleeping much. I don't think he will be ready for a tent with just the kids anytime soon. We got home yesterday around 4:00pm, it was nice to be home. Only one night was a little too short, even for us not so hardy campers. Next year we will make sure to stay an extra night or two.

The craziest thing that happened at Lake Wenatchee, other than the usual rock climbing, water fights, cut feet, deflating air mattresses, and pine cone golfing was that we ran into Maren's good friend Shannon, camping with some of her friends. Yup, one trip to the bathroom for Maren and Lillie and boom, there is Shannon. She was in a tent just two sites from ours. When the kid saw Shannon they were just like, "hi Shannon" and moving on. The kids see all the folks they don't usually see when camping and it did not phase them one bit that Shannon was there as well. Maren and Shannon were geeking out enough for the rest of us.

Today it is nice to be at home (Maren is at work), the weather will stay in the 70's, and it is only two weeks until school starts.

I will have pictures of camping in a few days. I forgot my camera so I took a bunch with Mel's camera and Stef took extra pics as well.

See you tomorrow.

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Shannon said...

Hey, I'm your friend, too! Not just Maren's! I love you both equally. :)