Thursday, August 28, 2008

golf lesson, birthday party, Tony Stewart

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a smooth day around here. I took the kids to the golf course to practice in the morning as I was teaching a golf lesson. Preston and Hansen wished they had more time [at the golf course], but Lillie would have been happy not even going. For her we had put a couple of pony toys in her golf bag so if she got bored she could sit on the bench behind where I was teaching and play with her ponies. My only interruptions were Hansen needing more golf balls, and Lillie getting bored. My student was getting back into golf after not golfing for 20 years.

After the lesson, we came home to get Lillie ready for Lily's birthday party. Lillie had a great time at the party, she came home covered in stickers from a game of sticker tag and holding (and eating from...she actually shared with Hansen) a big bag of candy that she collected from the pinata. I took the boys out to get a Slurpee during the birthday party just to be nice.

After dinner, Preston had soccer, Lillie was playing outside with the neighbor kids, Maren was watching the Democratic Convention, and Hansen was just hanging out. I was getting house bound so I rode my bicycle to the local Home Depot to return a couple of things I did not need for the flooring project. Because of the back roads and busy Covington traffic, it was much faster to ride my bicycle to the Home Depot (which is probably a mile and a half away) than it would have been to drive. When I showed up there were tons of people everywhere and a line had been created to hold in crowds outside the store. I asked the cashier what was going on and she said that Tony Stewart, the Nascar driver was at the other end of the store signing autographs. Turns out one of our high school age neighbors went through the line twice to get different things autographed. I had no desire to wait in a line with a bunch of crazed Nascar fans to meet Tony Stewart, so I hopped on my bicycle and headed home.

Today is the day that class lists are posted for the kid's schools. Classes will begin on Tuesday.

See you tomorrow.

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