Sunday, August 24, 2008

Garage sale, pictures, Adam Sandler

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday we walked the neighborhood for garage sales as the weather was great, and that is what we do. Ended up a banner day. The first garage sale we went to was huge, but we came out with very little, but the second one we went to we ended up spending more $$$ than any garage sale this year. It was just a little garage sale, but everything they had was good stuff. I actually bought a decent mt. bike that just needed a little work, a flat screen computer monitor (not hooked up yet-hope it works), a few puzzles that the kids really wanted, some clothes that are nice, and a huge model airplane that Hansen keeps pestering me to build...all for just over $20.00. We had the jogging stroller with us, Lillie likes to find what she wants, then hurry over to the stroller with her loot to make sure she gets what she wanted.

Below are the pictures that I promised you yesterday. This one below is of Hansen with the chopper bike, and Lillie in her cowboy boots.

Hansen riding the chopper bicycle.
This is a funny picture. We watched Billy Madison by Adam Sandler last night (it had plenty of not appropriate stuff, but I just hoped those scenes ended quickly or went over the little's heads). Anyhow, we paused one of Adam Sandler's mad faces and had Preston go up to the TV and make his mad face side by side. Preston was laughing way too much to make a good angry face and I was laughing too much to snap a picture, but the resemblance is there. My mom's side of the family is named Sandler, so there is a chance we are related to Adam Sandler...who knows.

I won't post tomorrow as I will be up very early for a golf tournament at Canterwood CC.

See you the day after tomorrow.

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