Sunday, August 10, 2008

garage sale, golfed with the boys.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was a good garage sale day for us. Lillie got some good cloths, and Hansen was given a cool Lego guy and a skate helmet. The only bummer thing about the garage sales was how when we were at our furthest point from home, at the last garage sale (we went to 4 and were probably about 3/4 mile from home) it started to rain, and not just a little, a lot. Hansen was on his scooter, Lillie in the jogging stroller, and Me and Maren walking. We were pretty wet by the time we got home, about the time the rain stopped for a few minutes.

Yesterday Lillie had a few good lines. I think she was talking to Preston [about what TV show to turn on] and he was just tuning her out, when she told him in him no uncertain terms that sometimes he just had to listen to the bossy girls! The kids all have excellent vocabularies, but Hansen and Lillie come up with these type of doosies all the time.

I took Preston and Hansen out golfing yesterday. Hansen's first time around 9 holes. He did just fine. I just strapped his bag to mine so he could just walk, and I made him pick up his ball and move faster if necessary. It rained on us a few times and neither kid complainded. Hansen was on the lookout for lost Tees and a bit worried about wild animals as he saw some animal poop in the woods just off the golf course. Preston also played well. He has this driver that he likes, but it keeps breaking. I have re glued the head once and it keeps breaking, I guess the shaft is not the right size or something, time to actually buy him a driver. Him being the only Lefty does not help his golf club selection one bit.

Off to wake the fam, see you tomorrow.


Emily said...

I am still laughing thinking of what must have been going through Lillie's head when she told Preston about having to listen to the bossy girls sometimes. I think whatever though she was having was one I've had about a million times.

Emily said...

**I meant whatever thought she was having.

Amber said...

Chuck still hasn't learned to listen to the bossy girls, but now that it's 2 against 1, he may have to pay a little more attention to us!

Julian's Blog said...

Thanks for the comment Emily.

The boys do cause Lillie frusteration overload. They [the boys] seem to have a knack for waiting until she is just a bit over tired, then they dig and dig at her...finally everyone has to be sent to different corners. To be fair, Lillie is no victim, she is still way ahead on "my way or the highway" quotas.

Good Luck Chuck! Better have a few boys soon...for ballance.