Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fred Meyers, soccer.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday we had to go to Fred Meyers to shop for a birthday present. We (I say we because I had Lillie and Hansen with me) turned a 5 minute trip to the toy department into a hour long visit to Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer has if figured out, they have their regular toy department, a few clearance tables, then outside near the nursery they have the biggest clearance section that has toys and housewares and everything. Kids that know of the outside clearance section can stretch a visit to Fred Meyers by a long time, the prices are so good on a few things that usually strict dads don't mind buying a little toy for a buck or two that was once a sought after toy back in the ten dollar range. The problem is that kids don't really know when it is best to stop asking and be happy with what they are getting. They just keep pushing the envelope, and pushing and pushing until a dad can only throw his hands up and say forget everything...not buying a thing. Then it is negotiate back to the dollar thing and everyone is happy. I really know not to bring the kids to stores, I know this. And I actually don't bring the kids to stores just for fun like some folks do, in fact when Lillie did her Kindergarten testing, she did not even recognize the logo for Target or ToysRus. But back to the Fred Meyers visit. If all the toy areas are not enough, they have three, yes three skill crane toys at the entrance/exit. That means you can not get in or out without passing the skill crane. As we were trying to leave and the littles were dreaming about what they would win in the skill crane, the old guy greeter dude for FM came over and was telling them (and me) about how he has never seen anyone win in the 50 cent skill crane, but the quarter skill crane has lots of winners. The poor guy had not talked to anyone for like 50 years or something because he wanted to point out each thing and how it could or could not get snagged by the crane thing. Finally we just had to excuse ourselves and leave, phew.

Yesterday Hansen had his first soccer practice. He had the same coach as he did a few years ago, but did not recognize any of the players. From talking to parents, the kids seem to be from several different elementary schools. Hansen is the tallest and one of the oldest kids on his team, we will see how that translates to playing soccer. On the ouch side of things, a mom was walking back to her car to get a water bottle for her son when she stepped in a hole and broke her ankle...yes, major ouch. She did not want anyone to call 911, so we propped her up with her foot up on a chair, another person had a first aid kit with a cold pack. Her husband showed up a half hour later and picked her up. I would assume a trip to the hospital was in order, but who knows. We will see next week at soccer practice.

I would have ended my blog right here, but I stopped blogging to walk Maren out to her car as she was leaving for work. Right in middle of the garage I stepped in a big pile of either cat puke or cat poop...I can't really tell. I know Ranger was accidentally locked in the garage last night, so it could be either. I can only tell you that I was bare footed and I was gagging when cleaning my foot and the floor. I will be hoping for a few days without yucky stuff to begin soon. Shudder.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Chuck won't walk in the garage, even just to put the car seat in the car with me, without putting shoes on.