Wednesday, August 20, 2008

eating at other houses, driving range.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I took the kids to the driving range. We also brought Hansen's buddy Kole. All the kids behaved perfectly and we had a fine time. When we got home from the range Hansen had Kole over for lunch. Kole said he did not care what we were going to eat, he just want eat over with Hansen. No problem. Ham and cheese sandwiches worked out fine. Then the kids were to play outside until Maren got home from work as then we were going to walk up to the community center and vote.

Preston was trying to avoid the whole vote thing so he rode his bike to Alec's house so they would take him in for the afternoon. They did, he ended up staying at Alec's house for dinner, then calling at 7:30 to see if he could spend the night...those two always pull that same scheme, but I took pity on Alec's parents and told Preston to be home at 8:00pm. We were going over to Kole and Ali's house to pick up the littles to take them voting with us, when their mom invited them both to stay and play, and eat dinner with them! Good for me and Maren, we got to walk up to the community center to vote without children...that just does not happen very often. So we voted, then only had us to feed, so it was chips and salsa on the couch while watching the Olympics. Next time we can just walk a little farther to the new Red Robin...should have thought of that last night.

I had each kid pause in their follow through at the golf range to snap a picture. Hansen and Kole just could not stop at the finish...but at least they were not falling down. Kole's t-shirt was funny, it read something like "tV iz gudder than bookz"...his teachers will love that shirt in a couple of weeks.


See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Cute shoes Lillie!