Monday, August 04, 2008


Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a productive day around our house. We cleaned out the downstairs closet, changed the shoes all over the entryway system, and got rid of a ton of extra stuff. We are going to try to keep our shoes in our rooms, and the pair we are wearing can go in the downstairs closet. So far, so good. Maren and I just got tired of tripping all over the kid's shoes in the entry way. I also painted the walls where all the shoe marks were, so now the corner looks clean and white again. We have gotten rid of a ton of stuff with all the remodeling, and the house is far less cluttered. The back of the van and the garage are full of bags to give to the Goodwill. Preston thinks we should hold a garage sale, but every time I do that, I only sell the stuff we want to keep, and we keep the stuff we wanted to sell. I only enjoy shopping garage sales these day.

We have also been getting rid of some extra subscriptions to save on monthly costs and just this morning I called XM radio. Maren and I have XM radio in our cars and it is fun to have, but at $20.00 per month we decided to cancel. I called the folks up and in an effort to keep us they are giving us the next 3 month free, then we can cancel again at the end of October. Obviously they hope we will change our mind and keep our old service from November on, and it may just work. One cancel phone call and save $60.00, not bad. I wonder if Comcast, the Seattle Times, and Qwest will do the same?

Off to wake up Lillie and the boys. Lillie has VBS with her friend Lily this week. Should be a good week for her.

See you tomorrow.

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