Friday, August 22, 2008

Couch shopping

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was quite a day. First Lillie got to go to Cedar Valley Elementary for a Kindergarten evaluation. She did very well, she got every question about numbers and colors correct, she struggled a little with the lower case letters, but overall, she did good in my opinion. Maren took the day off of work and while me and Lillie were at CV, she took Hansen to Albertsons for some great deals. Around lunch time Mr. Jim came over for a visit. Our original plan was to go hiking at Flaming Geyser park and picnic there, but the rain changed our plans. Instead we had lunch at home, then loaded up the van and went couch shopping (a new set of couches is on the dream list, but not really on the short list, we did not buy a new couch). Mr. Jim did not know what he was getting into...but neither did any of us. First stop...The Old Cannery. None of us had been there, but we had heard good things. Below are some pics. After spending plenty of time at the Old Cannery, we cruised up the freeway to IKEA. Talk about a different shopping experience. We picked up a few little things and had a snack at IKEA, and found some very nice couch options. After leaving IKEA I had to get gas for my van (first time since before leaving to Lake Wenatchee!) and a crazed rush hour driver nearly crashed into the passenger side of the van nearly giving Mr. Jim a heart attach. But we all made it home safe and sound.

The family inside The Old Cannery...traveling from Sumner to Puyallup. Annie and Craig were telling us about the two cities thing, so here we are on the dividing line.
Mr. Jim and Maren hanging out with some guy who has spent far too much time at The Old Cannery.
Lillie and Betty Boop.
The kids enjoying a couch at The Old Cannery. The must have sat on 100 couches yesterday...they really did try every one out! Preston has been enjoying his angry face just a little too much lately.
Maren and Mr. Jim at the snack bar inside IKEA.

I am not sure where today will take us.

See you tomorrow.

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