Saturday, August 09, 2008

Closing Wild Waves.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was the last day for Lillie at this weeks VBS. She had a very good time with Lily R.R. and the other kids. Peace Lutheran Church in Covington put on a very good VBS. There was even a good lunch for everyone after the classes were done on Friday.

In the evening, Maren went to dinner with her friends Julie, Judy, Jennifer and Susan. Sounds like she had a very nice time. It took her nearly two hours to get home from Issaquah thanks to a repaving project on the Issaquah-Hobart road. She just jumped in the van when she got home and we took her to Costco where she was hooking up with Judy and Susan for a carpool. It actually worked out perfectly as I was planning on taking the kids and Alec to Wild Waves for the evening. The weather had not been great in the morning and I hoped that meant a less crowded Wild Waves. I was correct, the crowd was perfect. Preston and Alec did their own thing in the wave pool and on the rapids ride, I sat on a lounge chair and watched Lillie and Hansen, occasionally going into the wave pool and the hot tubs myself. The weather was not too hot or too cold.

Preston and Alec checking in before taking off on more adventures.
Lillie warming up after going between the wave pool and the hot (not so hot) tubs.
Hansen warming up after the wave pool. He loves the wave pool, he as figured out how to body surf down the waves. By the time we got him out of the pool, his fingers and toes were totally pruned up.
This is the kids on our way out of the theme park. After doing water stuff for a couple of hours, we went and did some rides. Lillie likes the carousel the most, followed by the bumper cars (with me driving). Hansen likes the bumper cars the most followed by the huge sack slide. Alec and Preston like the water rapids ride the most, followed by searching for candy at the arcade and bumper cars. May have been our best visit to Wild Waves yet, we were only there for only 3 hours, but we did what we wanted to do and left before anyone got too tired and cranky. The rides all closed at 8:00pm, but it was 8:15pm by the time we were driving away.

After Wild Waves I took all the kids out to Arby's for dinner. Hansen was totally thinking Arby's. We then watched a little Happy Gilmore to round of a good day.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

I thought you meant Wild Waves was closing, not that you were there when it closed! Phew. That does sound like a pretty perfect day. By 8:15pm Aurora's either asleep or crying in her crib (the crying in the crib thing just started when we lost the swaddler and positioner). As much as I love Aurora the sweet baby, it does sound pretty nice to have a child who is potty trained, eats normal food, and stays up late to watch movies!