Friday, August 29, 2008

Class Lists.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday the class lists were up at both Grass Lake and Cedar Valley. All three kids ended up with great teachers! Should be a great school year.

Yesterday I took the boys to the driving range prior to going to Grass Lake to see Preston's class list. GL also had an open house thing so you could go and say hi to the teachers. Preston got to see a few friends and he had a good time. It helped to be in the class he was hoping for.

After Maren was home from work, we all walked up to Cedar Valley to see the class lists up there as well. We are very happy with Hansen's and Lillie's teachers. Hansen is very pleased with his teacher and I think will enjoy going back to CV. Lillie would be happy with any teacher and any school, as long as she was there! She is so wanting to go to school. She will have a good year.

I have been applying for a few part-time Paraeducator jobs at the local elementary schools. There is one at CV that I would really like, but I am finding that I am overqualified education wise, and underqualified actual work experience wise, and the whole application process is so impersonal (through the service center) that I may be looking outside the school district for a part time job once school starts.

Maren is off work today and we have a party at a Maren work friend's house this evening. Should be fun.

See you tomorrow.

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