Monday, August 11, 2008

cable troubles.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we finally made it to Church. It was nice, we have not been for several weeks. The attendance has been down some in the summer with so many young families as members. Vacations, sports, sleeping in, you name it. Just one more month and it will be back to Sunday School and Church as a normal.

Yesterday our culde-sac kept the cable technician for Comcast very busy. For the last week (since the start of the Olympics) the whole neighborhood has been experiencing very poor reception for channels 4 and 5 on TVs without digital cable boxes. The TVs with the digital boxes have been fine as have been the neighbors with Hi Def. Just the TVs on analog cable have been bad. It took the tech a long time to figure it out because his little TV on his work truck seemed to get reception. The poor cable guy got bombarded by folks when he turned into our neighborhood. I guess digital and analog signals are pumped through the cable lines until the Feb switch. The one tech thought that every analog TV will need a Digital Box Converter, even with cable...that is different than what the cable hype has been advertising, but not really surprising from the way our TVs have been working of late (we have two tvs on boxes, and one without a box). This whole switch from analog to digital may be rougher on more folks than they think.

Today it is back to soccer practice for Preston, and back to work for Maren. The rest of us are just hanging out.

See you tomorrow.

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