Saturday, August 23, 2008

biking, cowboy boots.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

I am the first one up by a long shot this morning. Preston spent the night at Alec's house, Maren and the littles are snoozing away.

Today we will probably hunt out a few garage sales in the morning, and BBQ in the evening. The weather should be great around here.

Yesterday I took the littles on a bicycle ride in the evening. Hansen has finally become very comfortable riding our home-made chopper. It is such a unique bicycle that we always get comments on it. Hansen won't totally admit it, but he only rides the bicycle because he gets all the looks. Nothing better than having kids say "wow, look at that cool bicycle!". Of course the BMX bicycle is far better for everything cycling, except of course, looking cool. I will get a picture of Hansen riding it today.

Last night we bought Lillie her Tap shoes for her new season of dance class. She is registered for Tap/Hip Hop. She likes the tap shoes, and loves the idea of Hip Hop. What she really likes is the pair of cowboy boots we found for her at VV yesterday. She has had them on non stop. Very cute in her pink shirt, skirt and cowboy boots. I actually protested buying them not thinking she would like them as they are black, but Maren said yes, and as it turned out, the boots are a hit. I will get a picture of her in her boots tomorrow as well.

See you tomorrow.

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Emily said...

Today on my blog, I posted about a garage sale that I was going to go to. A moving sale, to be precise. Anyways, when I was planning to go to that sale, I had you guys in mind. Every garage sale your family touches turns to gold, it seems, and I was thinking maybe I would have some luck,too, but it was not in the cards. Oh, well.